Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today instead of just showing you what's on my work desk, I 
thought I'd show you my craft room.  Lots of pics coming up ~~~

My stamp pads shelf

My hubby made this shelf as well as the punch shelves below.

This cupboard holds all my rubber stamps.  I use old vhs tape boxes to store some of them.  On the top shelf is the blue binder that holds my acrylic stamps, 4 of my 5 Cricut cartridges, a box of beads and another box of rubber stamps.  My Cinch binder is on the third shelf along with a few other tools.

Dorcas' blog is on my computer.

Here is my work desk, it's an 8' long portable table from Costco.  I love it because it's big enough to be able to keep my tools out all the time such as my trimmer, scorpal and cuttlebug.  My Cricut is on the little table at the back, I don't use it very often, but probably wouldn't use it at all if it was put away.

Here's a card I'm working on.

And last, but not least. the little creatures that inhabit my craft room....

Hope I haven't bored you too much. 
Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely evening!


Beau's Mom said...

If I had all of your craft supplies I'd never be able to make a card. I would be overwhelmed with the possibilities. I posted three cards on my blog tonight, and was happy....until I came here and saw what a real craft supply looks like. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ulina /Apricot Bubbles said...

Your workdesk looks so clean and inviting!!

Annemaritta said...

I'm speechless and oh so much in love with your workshop. <3

Linda w said...

Your workspace is wonderful, I'd pull a bed in there and never leave lol. How organised it all is, that of course is how organised I'd be if I only had the energy to sort everything out. Of course then I'd miss the surprise of coming across stash I'd completely forgotten I had lol. Hugs lin

deb said...

Awesome workspace Babs! No wonder you have such amazing creations come out of there!!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

I love your space Babs! Wished we lived closer, would love to come create in your space and use some of these goodies! We could have such fun! That shelf for your punches is perfect! Your hubby should start a little business. With us crafters always looking for the perfect storage for our stash, he could have quite the business! The VHS holder is perfect for the stamps. Thanks for the great idea! Cute little critters watching you craft! I have a few too!

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