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Thanks for stopping by & have fun!

Tri Step Card


Cut 1 piece of card stock 7.5 x 6" and 1 piece 6"x 5" (for the front)

Place the 7.5 x 6" piece in your Scorpal with 7.5" side at the top
At the 1.5" mark, score down to 2" (A - B)
At the 3" mark, score down to 4" (C - D)
Go to the 4.5" mark move down 2" & score all the way down. (E - F)
Move over to 6" mark & score from 4" mark all the way down. (G - H)

Now following the pattern above, cut on the 2 green lines (B - E) and (D - G)
Fold the red lines - mountain fold     Fold the blue lines - valley fold  

Now cut a piece of card stock 6" x 5" for the front.
On the 6" side score 1/2" in and fold.  Now attach the 1/2" to the back left side of the card to make a front.

Now you are ready to embellish your card.  After I had figured out and cut my 2 step shaped pieces, I made templates to use next time. 

Dresser Card

Here's the link for the dresser card tutorial

Altoid Tin Mini Album

Here's the link for the tutorial

Link here for video tutorial

Tissue Time

Such a cute gift idea for someone who is a little under the weather.
Video tutorial is here.

Shadow Box Book Card Tutorial

Go here for the tutorial

Have fun!


Avis Anderson said...

Great tutorials!!!

Babs said...

Thanks Avis, I hope to post more on here soon, thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment.

deborah james said...

the cards and the tissue box is so cute and love the colors. thank you so very much for sharing.

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