Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Craft Room Plans

Hello Friends,

Just an update on whats happening around here.

Last July we moved into a new house, it wasn't an easy move by any means, with my husband sick, but with lots of help from our wonderful family & friends we did it.  
I had a great craft room at the other house, and have really missed it.  However, I am going to put a new one in my basement.  I have lots more room here, and can't wait to have it done.  I've been planning and plotting for a while and these are my ideas so far......

These are the colours I have chosen, grey with apple green accents


I made myself a bulletin board

and purchased some storage units from Michaels

Ordered 2 of these chairs for the sitting area.

.....and this is what I intend to do just as soon as my room is ready.  
I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by today,

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