Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Card Organizer Tutorial

I decided to do a tutorial while I was making another card organizer, so here goes.......

First, here's the items you will need -
6 - 12x12 sheets of double sided designer paper.
2 - 6x8" pieces of heavier card stock, (for the front & back covers) 
(I used the back cover of one of my paper stacks)
2 - 10x8" sheets of paper, to co-ordinate with other papers.
2 - 6x8" pieces of designer paper for your front & back covers.
Also you'll need your printed calendar pages (not shown) Here's the link where you can download the pdf file.

Paper trimmer - Scor-pal & scoring tool - bone folder - scissors
A binding tool, I used my Cinch and wires
Whatever you want to decorate the front cover with.  I did the title on the computer.

Okay, let's get started, first we'll score our inside pages...
Score at 6", then turn paper 1/4 turn & turn it over to the other side.

Now score at 8"

Fold the paper in half along the 6" score line, & crease with bone folder.

Open it up again & fold the 4" piece up & crease.

Now fold in half. This is what it looks like.
Continue with each of your 6 - 12x12 sheets.

Now we'll make the covers. (there are various ways of doing this, so do it however you like, this is how I did mine)
Take one of the 10x8" pieces and place 6x8" piece of heavier card stock in the centre.  Fold paper in along each side.  Remove card stock and cut each corner out, as shown above.

Place card stock back on the paper, and glue each side, as shown below.

Now you can add your 6x8" piece to the front and this is what you now have.
6 inside pages and the front & back covers.

Next step is to punch the holes in your pages and front & back covers ready for binding.
I used my Cinch binder and punched 5 holes at each end with a space in between.  You can do this any way you want to of course.
Sorry to shout, just wanted to make sure you didn't miss that bit. ;)

This is what I mean...

Now we can add our calendar pages to each pocket.... one month on one side (with the punched holes on your left)  Turn the page over and add the next month, (now the holes will be on your right)

Now it can all be bound together.  
Use fairly large coils as this will give it room to expand as you add cards to it.

More pictures of the finished organizer....

I do hope that this has been helpful and not too confusing for you.  If you prefer to watch it done, there's a great video tutorial here

Thanks a bunch for stopping to visit today!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Little Porch!

Hi there,
I've been decorating my front porch, it's very small, so I'm limited to what I can use.  Just wanted to show you a few pics of it.  Hubby & I just made the little birdhouse bench out of an old will look better when the wood weathers some more.

Closer look at my birdhouse bench.

Here's the *Rock* family!  
I've seen lots of painted rocks on Pinterest lately & thought they were a cute I decided to do some for my porch.  I found instructions on how to do eyes at *Air-dry Clay* I'm not an artist, so mine are not the best, but they are better than I would have done without the instructions. ;-)

Finally, my *tipsy pot*.  
I just love these.  I planted it with petunias, pansy's, alyssum & kenilworth ivy.  You can find lots of how-to's on the net.....very easy to do.

Well, that's it for today.  Bye for now, I appreciate your visit!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Card Organizer

Wouldn't it be nice to never forget someone's special occasion and have a card ready for them when it comes around?
Well, you can with this  quick & easy to make card organizer.
I saw these just recently while visiting a farmers market in Sandpoint, Idaho, and thought it was such a great idea!  When I came home I did some searching online and found an easy to follow video tutorial .  Here's the link for the calendar pages. They make great gifts for someone whether they make their own cards or buy them.  I got busy and have made 4 of them now.

Here's a few more pictures....

Write the persons name on the appropriate date and when you have a card, you can put it in the pocket until you need to send it.

Here's another one....

Bye for now, have fun making your own card organizer!

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