Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan. 20/11
I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be away from my blog for about 11 days starting tomorrow.  
We are taking a vacation, so I've been busy trying to get everything done and dealing with a 'flu bug that just doesn't want to give's been over 3 weeks since it started, hopefully the holiday will help.
I don't have anything to show you right now.  I've been working on another mini album and will post some pics when I have some more of it done.

Bye for now ~~~ take care!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tri Fold Card & directions

Here is a different tri-fold card. 
I saw this card here and thought it was a really neat fold. I hadn't seen one like it before.  I had a problem getting the other one to fold flat, maybe I did something wrong, but since I wanted mine to be smaller, I went ahead and re-worked it to make a smaller version.  

Here are the instructions for the smaller tri-fold card. You can click on any of the pictures to get a better view of the measurements.

Here is the template - the solid lines are cut lines and the broken ones are score lines.

First Step - cut your card stock to 7" x 9"

On your trimmer line up the 9" side of card stock at 1" and cut from 1.5" down to 7.5".  
Turn paper to opposite side and do the same. 
(On the picture I show it lined up at the 1.25" line, which is not correct, it should be at 1" - sorry about that)

1) Place paper in your Scor Pal - as shown in picture.

2) At the 1.5" mark score a line between the cut lines.

3) Move left edge of paper to  the 1.5" mark and score between the cut lines at the 4.5" mark.

4)  Now move paper back to the left side and at 4.5 score only down to the cut line.  Do the same again below the lower cut line.

5)  Now score at the 7" mark only to the cut line.  Now score at 7" mark below the lower cut line.  (these 7" score lines are not shown in the above picture, but they are in the next picture)

Now fold as shown in picture...
1) mtn fold   2) valley fold   3) mtn fold    4) valley fold   
5) mtn fold   6) valley fold

This is how it folds to put in your envelope.

Hope you can understand my instructions.  If not, let me know and I'll try to help.

Thanks for visiting & have fun.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pippi Longstockings!!

This absolutely adorable little animal is a *zedonk*.  A cross between a zebra and a donkey.
I want one!

Bye for now,

Exploding Box!

I haven't made anything in the last few days because I've been sick.  So I had a look through my pictures to find something that I could share with you today.  I made this exploding box quite a while back as a gift for my granddaughter.

Here is the inside.  
In the centre is a little box that contained a necklace.  Fun to make as well as to receive, especially if the recipient has never seen them before - quite a shock when they take the lid off and all *this* falls out!  You can add photo's, pockets, name it.
I first saw these here.  Check them out, they are beautiful.
You can find tutorials on this site too.

Thanks for visiting & have a lovely day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making Bows

Do you find it hard to tie a nice bow?
At "Inky Antics" I came across this easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to tie perfect bows with the "Bow Easy" tool.
Here you can find written instructions and more info. on this product, as well as purchase this tool if you wish.

Update:  I have tried to buy this tool at the above website and for some reason the checkout isn't working properly.  I found it on Gina K's and it is only $4.99, but they are sold out, I checked a couple of other websites and they are also sold out.  Obviously it is a very popular item.  As I was searching I saw that some had made their own bow tool and so I decided to do the same.  I made mine out of's a picture of what I came up with.
They are definitely quite crude looking, (it was hard to cut the chipboard and keep it neat) but they work beautifully.  I made 3 different sizes, for different sized bows.  I compared a bow I made myself and then used the same ribbon and made one on my bow was sooo much nicer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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