Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Porch *Rug*

Hello Everybody,
I've been working on updating my porch and wanted to share some pictures with you.

The *Rug*

I first had to figure out the size and then draw it out on paper.  Then after taping it off with painters tape I painted the border.

Next I did the stripes, no measuring here, I just eyeballed it!  ;)

 Next, the squares.

Now for the black diamonds.  I did this by cutting out a square piece of cardboard, placing it where I wanted it & drawing around the square with pencil.  Then I painted them.  Lastly, I painted the rest of the floor & steps (not shown) with the same colour as the siding.

Here it is, all finished.  I painted the little rustic birdhouse bench and picked up a couple of striped cushions to tie it all together & I love it!

Here is my inspiration.... Thank you Linda!

Gotta run now, have a lovely day!

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