Saturday, March 29, 2014

*Hairpin* Mini Album

Hello everyone!
Today I have another mini album to show you.  I have named this my *hairpin* album.  That's because the pages are held in with hairpins.  
I used Graphic45 *Typography* papers.  I just had an 8x8 pad, so I needed to use some of my Recollections *Memories Documented* as well.
The album measures approximately 4.5 x 6.25 inches.  There are 4 separate sections, each held in place with 2 hairpins. With belly bands, pockets, flip outs & photo mats, there's lots of room for pictures.
This is not my idea, it is another of Anne Rostad's awesome creations.  There's a video tutorial here, if you would like to make one.
There's a lot of pictures to see, so get comfy and I would love to know what you think if you care to leave a comment.

I made the rose from ivory card stock.  Annes album is fastened with a ribbon, but I chose to make a different magnetic closure for mine.

Here you can see the hairpins.

 Inside front cover & beginning of section 1
All the narrow flaps in the album are held in place with magnets.

Here is one section opened up fully, the two centre pieces are flip ups.

The end of section one (left) and beginning of section 2

end of section 2, beginning of section 3 on right

On the left is a small accordion fold insert (below)

end of section 2 on the left, beginning of section 3

Here you can see the hairpins, I managed to find longer ones at Walmart, and they are just perfect.

end of section 3, beginning of section 4
This is the *Memories Documented* paper

End of section 4 & back inside cover

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my latest creation.
Have a lovely day & come back soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

French Country Album part 2...

My second post today is to show you more of the pages in my French Country Mini Album.
You might want to scroll down to my last post to see the other pictures first.

The side pocket on the left has an insert that has 3 flip up pages, it can hold 6 pictures.

 On the right is a flap with a pocket that holds a mat for a photo or journalling, the flap closes with a magnet

On the right side there are 2 photo mats in the side pocket.

The side flap on the left page has a pocket with a photo mat.
The right side page has 2 flaps in a criss cross style, the fence is a pocket holding a couple of photo mats.

The criss cross flaps open up to reveal a photo mat held  in place by a belly band.

 Lots of fussy cutting on the left side, the sunflowers and postcard are just partially glued down so that the photo mat can slip under.
On the right, the flap opens and has a belly band and small photo mat, there are 2 larger photo mats on the other side.

This is the last page & back inside cover.

This is the inside of the back cover.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my album as much as I enjoyed making it.  I have more Graphic 45 papers and look forward to making a smaller album with them soon.

Have a lovely day & come back soon.

*French Country* Mini Album

Good morning friends!
This is my first project working with Graphic45 papers.
They are beautiful, inspiring and such great quality.
My inspiration for this album came from one of my favourite paper crafters, her name is Anne Rostad, she is one of the designers for Graphic45, you can have a look at her wonderful projects and check out her tutorial for this album here.
There are so many pictures to show you, so I will do 2 posts, here goes with the first one.....

These are the papers I used
 *French Country*


The album measures 9.5 x 6.75 inches.  It has a flap at the right side that holds in place with a magnet

I used the *stack the deck* binding by Laura Dennison at *Following the Paper Trail*.  Here's the video tutorial for this binding.

Inside front cover and first page
Each page has many flips, flaps and pockets & holds tons of pictures. They each have a large photo mat too.

Inside the flaps of the first page.  

2nd Page
The piece at the left is a fold out (below)

This is a frame.
It is open at the top so that a picture can be inserted, then it slips under the side pocket on the right.

Back of the frame has a pocket

On the right is a torn paper pocket which holds a photo mat.  The small frame is open at the top to hold a photo.

3rd Page
On the left is a side pocket which holds a fold out insert, (below) it also has a belly band with a large photo mat.  On the right is a country scene (inspired by Anne Rostad) with a fence and barn.  The barn folds out & can hold 2 photo's. (below)

Page 4
The pocket on the left holds a photo mat and an insert, seen below.

 back of the insert has a pocket

The black pages of page 4 (above) open up at each side.
This is the left side

Right side

When you lift up the black page, this is what's underneath.....lots of fussy cutting on this album

 Okay, I'll end this post here, and do another post soon to show you the rest of the pictures.

Thanks for being here.

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