Tuesday, March 12, 2013

25th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday the 9th of March we celebrated the silver wedding anniversary of my daughter and son in law with a champagne brunch held at the local golf course.
The brunch was my son's idea, and what a good idea it was!
Here are a few pictures of some of the decorations etc.
Sorry, but not all the pictures are great quality, I used my iphone, which I'm not used to, and some of them are quite blurry.

First, the chalkboard Welcome Sign

This is my 3rd attempt at doing this sign.  I love these chalkboard signs, they are very trendy right now.
I found some chalkboard fonts and did my best to copy them, using painters tape and sometimes a ruler to keep everything straight (or close to it)
 I also found a black chalkboard background, and with a program I use, "Memory Mixer" I added the letters in one of the fonts I found, then printed it off and cut out each banner.  I then backed each one with white card stock and attached them together with glue dots.  When it was done, I sprayed it lightly with hairspray which made a big difference, it took a lot of the chalk dust off and made everything look sharper. Helps to keep the chalk from smudging too. The hairspray comes right off with soap and water.

Some of the flowers...

Tall candelabra in the centre of the family style table arrangement.

(Ferrero Roche chocs inside)

*Lemon Pomegranate* Cupcakes They were yummy!
(I didn't get a picture of all of them on the display stand. duh!)

Some of the Decorations

Wedding Song Frame
Here their wedding song "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You"
is the background for their wedding picture.  Cute idea!

A "Wordle" frame that I made on the website "Wordle"

Love these.  Usually they are made with a shadow box so that the spoons are behind the glass.  I couldn't find one in time, so my spoons are on top of the glass. I used designer paper and the matt as a background, then cut out the words with black vinyl on my Cricut. The spoons are attached with hot glue.

I had already made them an album, (here) so instead of doing a guest book I thought that I would make a card for the guests to sign.  It's black on the inside and they signed with a white gel pen.

Place cards

The Guest Book Table below
The banner says "Congratulations!" but it doesn't show on here. It was supposed to go across the front of the table, but was too long, so we compromised. 

Enjoy a Cupcake
Chalkboard sign on table with cupcakes
That's all for now, hope you have a great day.


deb said...

OMGoodness...this brunch was beautiful! Thank you so much!

Love Debi

Linda Wescott said...

It all looks so lovely, and seems you had a great time. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy seeing all the clever stuff you make. Hugs lin

Babs said...

Thanks Lin, hope you are doing well. xo

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