Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vintage Shadow Box Book Card

I have found the time to do some scrappin' and I have a card to share with you.  I also did a tutorial at the end of this post.

For anyone that is not familiar with this style of card, it is known as a *Shadow Box Book* card.

Here's the front

This is the side view with the spine facing

 The inside
I'm not too keen on the 'hello there' part, I'll be re-doing that.

A closer look at the inside of the box

Another view of the front.

It looks like it's a difficult card to make, but it's really not (although putting the *pages* together can be a little tricky.  I have made a
tutorial - so here goes!

Shadow Box Card Tutorial (6" x 4")

The Box (pages).....

Cut 2 - 4" x 11" pieces of card stock
Cut 2 - 6" x 11" pieces of card stock

Score each piece at 1/2" intervals across the longest edge

Fold each of the 4 pieces using mountain - valley fold (accordion)

The card.....
Cut 1 - 6" x 10" piece of card stock
Score at 4.25" & 5.75"

Fold both ends inward & set aside for now.

Back to the pages.....

Put a little dab of glue on each fold as shown.  I use Alenes Tacky Glue, it sticks well, but gives you a little time to move things around. 

Now for the tricky bit.... join a 4" piece to a 6" piece as shown here and below.

Now push each piece into place until they are quite snug.  Hold for a few seconds. Mine isn't perfect, but I kept pushing both ways and it ended up being nice & tight.

Continue with each piece until you have this.

Now back to the card part.....

Now it's time to decorate. 
Add designer paper to the left and right sides as well as the front.

This is where your box will go.  You may want to decorate the part that will be inside the box first before you stick the box down.  I used double sided tape to stick mine down.

Hope this has been helpful to you.
Have a great day!


deb said...

WOW! Babs you did an amazing job on this project!
You always "wow" me!! =)

Faye said...

My goodness, I agree with Debi. What a magnificent project, packed with the most beautiful details. Gorgeous. X

Ulina / Apricot Bubbles said...

Thanks a lot for the tutorial, Babs! I never did one, but will probably - now that I know how to do it!
And yours is so very beautiful!! Love every bit on/of it!

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